Early Study Abroad

Early studying abroad means going overseas to study at young age. It has been both academically and scientifically proven that learning at a younger age is beneficial for faster absorption of information. At the same time students of this age do require considerable mental support, care and love, to complete a proper education.

Coram Deo Education has great experience in making individual student work effectively in systematic programs. We occupy an official school representative position, making it possible to manage student and communicate easily and effectively with their respective schools. Avoiding any unnecessary methodology we offer more straight forward and efficient education.

Students can directly enter the private schools without the mandatory Language School course.

International students can directly enter our friendly schools like Tyndale Christian School and Norwest Christian College without completing a Language School course. Previously, students had to adapt to conventional school after completing the Language School course, but now the Direct Apply and Admission system allows our children to adapt to Australia with greater ease by shortening the adjustment time.

Instead of learning English at a Language School children can now go to the regular school, take normal classes, and follow up the normal education process just like Australian children. They can improve their English skills by taking ESL classes with their regular education classes, and they can get necessary help for the regular classes through the Afterschool Program.

Please click Afterschool Program to know more about program.
Early study abroad is an important procedure for one's successful future.