After School Program

Afterschool Program is a lesson held after the normal school program. Only current enrolled students can apply at their school.

Afterschool Program provides an opportunity to take Numeracy and Literacy Programs to those whose learning needs extra support and/or who wish to extend their current potential. Children of today hold the keys to the future, so they should be given the opportunity to further improve their studies and boost the confidence they have in their schooling.

As explained in the Early Study Abroad page, international students are eligible to apply in Australia’s prestigious private schools. Students attend regular school program and get direct support from Afterschool Program. And, most international students struggle with academic courses not because of their academic ability but due to lack of language skills and understanding Australian education. Afterschool Program provides courses to develop language skills and understand school academic courses. Through customised lessons students can achieve their goals faster and efficiently. This program will enhance the understanding for the regular classes in short period of time, allowing higher score in every class.

Afterschool Program is private tutoring, conducted and processed after school, exclusively for our school students.