Customised Education & Cultural Camp Program

Customised Education & Cultural Camp Program

Coram Deo Education provides Customised Educational and Cultural Camp Programs to schools and education organisations from different countries worldwide. These customised camps include giving schools the option of choosing a camp theme, the duration of the camp as well as any other request that the school may have. Our Customised Educational and Cultural Camps are designed to be flexible in order to cater to the needs of the school. We aid in not only organising the camps but also closely monitoring and managing the camps for the duration of the stay; from the arrival to the departure of the students.

The Customised Educational and Cultural Camp Program originally began in 2010. Since then we have extended our services to a number of foreign schools wishing to come to Australia. Due to the success of these camps, 2012 saw our program sending Australian schools overseas to experience the same cultural experiences. Coram Deo Education is highly knowledgeable in the school exchange industry and through years of successful experiences, has built a reputable name as an Educational Consultant, providing sought after client satisfaction.

Coram Deo Education’s Customised Education and Cultural Camp Program showcase many assets within the educational world. Not only do we have experience working with prestigious private schools within the Australian sector, but students are also given the opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia’s number one economical and educational city full of famous landmarks and learning experiences.
Through positive student feedback it is recognized that the students involved appreciate the ‘immersion education’ that we provided alongside the chance to attend a private school, building a solid foundation of English and visiting famous landmarks while meeting people from various backgrounds. Students leave Australia with not only an improvement in their English, but also unforgettable memories and experience that they will reminisce about for a lifetime.

The customised Educational and Cultural Camp Program is especially liked and beneficial to Australian and foreign schools as is helps in forging a connection with schools worldwide. Through these cultural relationships, schools are able to learn about one another, sister schools can be formed and lifelong friendships can be made. Our camps are culturally enriching for all parties involved, and Coram Deo Education will act as an advocator for the program ensuring that schools continue to actively interact with one another to develop strong relationships, learn and gain knowledge through continued interactions.

Below are some samples of our Customised Educational & Cultural Camp Program. The duration and content included are for sample use only. Please click on the program samples for further details.

( 10 Days Customised Program )
(   2 Weeks Customised Program )
(   3 Weeks Customised Program )
(   4 Weeks Customised Program )
(   8 Weeks Customised Program )

Coram Deo Education is a business strongly focused on providing the highest quality of service to its students in order to maximise their enjoyment and learning during the exchange program. To do this, we organise and plan daily activities for the students to participate in at school, a buddy system with another student from the school which allows for foreign friendships to be formed as well as an opportunity for both students to learn culturally form one another. The program also incorporates homestay families with the purpose of fostering an understanding of home life as well as to further build positive relationships and an understanding and appreciation of differences.

Below are samples of our educational goals. Please click for more details.

( Buddy Mission )
( Homestay Mission )

If you have any questions about our Customised Educational & Cultural Camp Program or would like to inquire, please feel free to contact us through ( Contact Us page ), email or by phone.