Norwest Christian College


Norwest Christian College is a school with over thirty years’ experience in Christian Education. Set on 15 acres in a tranquil, semi-rural environment in the heart of Sydney’s fastest growing region, the campus has large open spaces featuring great sporting facilities including ovals and multipurpose court spaces for basketball, netball, tennis, and volleyball.
The College’s expansive, leafy landscape gives teachers and students scope to appreciate, discover, and explore the natural environment. The College also has large areas dedicated to play including modern playground equipment.

Learning Spaces

Students enjoy modern, air-conditioned, technology-rich learning environments, typically including an interactive whiteboard and Wi-Fi access supporting student devices.
The College’s Early Learning Centre has colourful classrooms and a spacious, shaded outdoor playground. Primary classrooms are newly built, welcoming, bright and engaging spaces, supporting a range of learners and learning activities and include specifically designed wet areas, quiet zones and literacy nooks. Specialist Secondary facilities can also be used by all classes and include technology laboratories, a music and recording studio, a visual arts studio, a darkroom and digital photography studio, science laboratories, and a commercial kitchen.
The spacious Library Resource Centre (LRC) is generously appointed and includes engaging learning and creative spaces for our youngest students, as well as the Study Hub for use during study periods and class collaborative tasks for our most senior students.


The team of highly qualified, talented and dedicated teachers at the College work respectfully, thoughtfully and prayerfully with each child and their parents. As the students grow in capacity, self-confidence and clarity of purpose, their teachers endeavour to support them on their journey to becoming remarkable young people. The goal is that each child in the College’s care learns to maintain a vibrant inner life full of hope and optimism driven by their own sense of purpose.
At Norwest Christian College, students are encouraged to explore their gifts and talents, discover their place in the world, and be productive members of society who strive for excellence for themselves, their peers, and their community.
Throughout their time at the College, students:

  • learn while maintaining a love of learning, valuing education as one of life’s treasures;
  • grow in diligence and perseverance so that they are not afraid of hard work in order to achieve a desired outcome;
  • become well-balanced, secure and successful individuals filled with hope, optimism and direction;
  • develop into leaders that impact the world around them, doing so with modesty, humility and respect for others, willing to serve their community rather than themselves;
  • grow a sense of intentionality and an efficacy for the needs they see around them, locally and globally, and seek to meet those needs; and
  • become people that know God’s love and share it with others.

College Vision

That all Norwest Christian College students live life with a strength of purpose and be:

  • Lifelong learners
    • highly literate, creative and articulate
    • independent learners
    • strong technology users
  • Leaders
    • socially capable
    • using their gifts for others
    • agents of change with local, national and global perspectives
  • Experiencing God’s love
    • passionate in their faith
    • full of hope
    • accepting of others

College Values

The College’s culture as well as all programs and activities are informed and underpinned by seven pairs of values:

  • Love & Service
  • Faith & Integrity
  • Truth & Wisdom
  • Justice & Mercy
  • Kindness & Compassion
  • Courage & Perseverance
  • Responsibility & Respect

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