Chonbuk National Mechanical Technical High School Trip to Australia : January, 2017

‘Chonbuk National Mechanical Technical High School’ sent 24 students to Sydney from 4th January – 24th january 2017. Coram Deo Education proudly welcomed them and organized their 3 weeks Australia Trip program.
The Students were placed at Edu-Kingdom College. Coram Deo organised homestay families to allow all students to be better involved and experience first-hand Australian lifestyle. The families welcomed all the students from Chonbuk National Technical High School into their homes. It was a valuable experience for all involved having students immersed into home life with their host families.
Sightseeing and short trips were also memorable for the students. They were also able to visit a number of well recognised Sydney landmarks such as the Opera House, the Blue Mountains.
All students took part in this program with a great attitude. There were no complaints about hot weather despite Australia and Korea experiencing opposite seasons. Coram Deo would like to congratulate all students who participated and believe that all students will have successful futures. Well Done!


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