About Coram Deo

Unlike the past modern society is changing rapidly and becoming more complex; education also changes accordingly. The previous education methods have proven their ineffectiveness in today’s society, and will get even worse in the future. Therefore, as we are the generation living in this society, we need to have the correct understanding of today’s education situations and approach them effectively.

Coram Deo Education is an Educational Consultant company of experts in specializing in ‘reinterpreting and understanding’. We have seen many international students coming and failing study in Australia, so have researched for the solution. We acknowledged this requires bidirectional communication and feedback. The successful key point is that the educator and student must both face the same direction and goal. Additionally, we discovered the importance of school education, family support, mental attitude and ability, the understanding of cultural difference, and the correct guidance. Coram Deo Education provides consultation to student, family, school, education organisation and make the true successful education in reality by co-working with these groups.

We also contribute in developing and increasing Australian private school’s ability to attract and educate talented students by adapting the Asian culture and education with the Australian private school’s high educational level. The Australian prestigious private schools are visiting Asian countries, discovering their education level and becoming sister schools to interact with them. Coram Deo Education aims an education customized for what each student, and school parents of various background wants.

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