10 Advantages of Australia


Globally recognized education level

To us Australia is known for kangaroos and the Sydney Opera house, but it also has high education standards, and excellent finance, law, medical treatment, science, and information technology sectors.
Each year anywhere from 7 to 9 Australian universities are included in the top 100 global university rankings; and studying oversea is a policy supported by the Australian government to encourage a more balanced education system.


Stable education and school fees compared to other developed nation

Compared to other English spoken countries Australia’s education tuition fees are quite competitive, and their standards are equally high.
Even with the price inflation after the 2000 Sydney Olympics the cost is still stable and relatively cheap compared to other English speaking countries, allowing huge benefits to international students


Various education steps

Because studying abroad is a major business in Australia the government controls education all the way from basic schooling through to the Masters degree level, part of the reason why it is renowned for such high education standards.
Education can be optimized to suit the individual student’s need and goals, with timespans as short as 3 months or as long as is required for obtaining higher levels degrees.


Close relation to Asia-Pacific region

Because Australia is in the Asia-Pacific region they maintain friendly economic and political relationships with other Asia-Pacific countries.
Already in an important position with China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Asia-Pacific nations Australia looks to be continuously expanding in the future.
The headquarters of many global Asia-Pacific corporations are in Australia, allowing for a clear business vision and numerous opportunities for international students in Australia.


Global Standard English level

Australian English is a little different compared to the English of some other countries, but it is really just another variation much as American or Canadian English is a variation.
Even though Australia is three quarters the physical size of the United States there is minimal difference in their respective dialects. Moreover, Australian English is close to global Standard English, something evident in the language of Australia’s famous scientists, sportsmen, and astronomers.


Minimal time difference environment.

Another advantage of Australia is the clean and well preserved environment, which makes living safe and comfortable even in the middle of the cities
Also, the location means the time difference from Asia is only few hours different throughout the year. Living in a similar time zone is a huge benefit for student travel and communicating with family at home.


Ability to experience a Multicultural environment.

There are people from about 120 different nations living in Australia.
They can experience, learn, and understand different cultures.
There are different national cultures in districts of most major cities, and visitors can enlarge their experience by learning, working, and socializing with them.


Guaranteed safe tuition fee

By Australian policy all submitted tuition money is guaranteed by the Australia nation. This means that even if a school is closed or some other unexpected circumstance occurs, students are still guaranteed to finish their study. The possibility of being sent to a lower ranking school should be noted and avoided with appropriate preplanning.


Living supports for international students (medical insurance, part-time job)

One of the benefits of studying in Australia is that when students obtain visas through registration for a regular course they can also register for Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) at a fraction of the usual cost, irrespective of whether they live alone or with their parents. They can obtain free or partial support or a government loan. Students with a student visa are also legally allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester, and work full time during the school holidays, another benefit which makes their life in Australia much easier.


Optimized studying according to the student’s purpose

International students have a great deal of flexibility for their plans and goals when studying in Australia. Australia offers several different types of visa, including Travel Visas, Student Visas, and Working Holiday Visas, so students can choose the right type of visa to optimize their particular plans for study.