Jeon Buk Global Human Resource Program: Australia: Norwest Christian College: February, 2015


Forty seven Korean students have ended their 55 day Exchange Program organised by the Jeon Buk Global Human Resource Program in South Korea. The students visited Norwest Christian College from 5th January – 28th February and were homestayed by families from the school and community. The students were able to learn and pick up English and Australian culture as they interacted with their homestay families.

Norwest Christian College welcomed the Korean students, teaching them English and matching them with buddies to allow them to learn more about Australian way of life. The students went to excursions every Wednesday and Saturday. They were able to visited many landmarks and experience centres such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Blue Mountains, Port Stephen, Kiama, the Zoo and many more. On the 14th February a farewell BBQ Party was organised where all the students with their homestay families were invited to have Korean beef and pork bulgogi. Every homestay brought a dish of food which gave the party cuisine more variety.

The Korean students had difficulties at the beginning as they came from parts of Korean where it snowed heavily in winter, to experience hot Australia summers and eating different food, were hard but they are now well adjusted. The students would like to give an appreciative thankyou to their homestay families who have assisted them in every way possible and to Norwest Christian College for organising, planning and looking after them during this cultural experience.

At the beginning of the trip, many students thought that 8 weeks would be too long, but by the last day they all agreed that the time went by too fast and wanted to learn more. This Exchange Program has given all the students memories and experiences that will last a lifetime and they feel more open and ready to embrace any future overseas opportunities that come their way.


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