Tyndale Christian School Exchange Program Trip to South Korea: November, 2014


Tyndale Christian School visited South Korea as part of an Exchange Program trip in 2014 from 14th November – 28th November. They visited the Jeon Buk Provincial Office and Sister schools; Incheon Soong Duk Girls’ High School and Yeoju Dae Shin High School. The group was led by Tyndale Principal Jack Joyce, teachers Steven Millard, Lynne Wood and accompanied by 9 students.

The Tyndale students were able to participate in Korean Christian School classes and experience the difference between the Australian schooling systems as well as meet many other students. Together, they visited various historical sites and experience centres to learn more about the Korean culture. In return, the Tyndale students learnt how to sing the Korean National Anthem with clear accents and voices and were applauded by everyone, every time they performed.

The Tyndale school group were kept busy for the whole 14 nights and 15 days in the cold Korean weather which they have never experienced in Australia. Travelling to Incheon, Yeoju, Jeonju and then back to Incheon is very tiring but the people they met and talked to were great and greeted them with warm hospitality. Also, tasting different Korean cuisines from the different regions was another big enjoyment for them.

We hope the Tyndale students are more experienced and knowledgeable about different cultures other than Australia through participating in this Exchange Program and have gained an understanding not only with Korea but also with other countries they will visit and learn about in the future.


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