Soong Duk Girls’ High School Exchange Program Trip to Australia: January, 2016


‘Soong-Duk girls’ high school’ (Soong-Duk) in Incheon, Republic of Korea, and ‘Tyndale Christian School’ (Tyndale) in Sydney, Australia, are sister schools.
This year, on the 15th to 27th of January, twenty six students and three teachers from Soong-Duk visited and were integrated into Tyndale Christian School for thirteen days as part of Coram Deo’s International Academic Exchange.
Tyndale, in co-operation with Coram Deo, organised homestay families to get all students involved in Australian life as a reality. The families welcomed all the students from Soong-Duk into their homes. It was a valuable experience for all involved having students immersed into home life with their host families. In addition to this, students were able to make the most of the successful exchange program experience through the local education system as well as the school integration program implemented by Coram Deo.
This exchange program gave all students the opportunity to make new friends 8,000km away and share many unforgettable memories together. The students from Soong-Duk were also able to visit a number of well recognised Sydney landmarks such as the Opera house, The University of Sydney and the Blue Mountains.
The exchange was only 2 weeks, but during that time the students experienced and participated in numerous activities that were socially and academically beneficial.
Coram Deo extends the best of wishes to the 23 students who travelled from Soong-Duk to Australia and hope that the experience will help them to be more globally aware for the future.


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