Dae Shin High School Exchange Program Trip to Australia: October, 2014



During the 8th October – 18th October 2014, Dae Shin High School from South Korea had the opportunity to visit its Sister School Tyndale Christian School in Sydney as part of a 10 night and 11 day Exchange Program.

The Dae Shin teachers; Ick Kyoum Kim and Suk Hun Choi, lead 13 students to Australia where they were invited into the homes of families from Tyndale Christian School to be homestayed by the school community. Through their stay the students and teachers were able to experience Australian Culture and way of life inside a typical Australian home. They were also able to meet with Mr. Kwang Hwa Park, a retired Vice Principle of Dae Shin High school who immigrated to Australia.

The students were also buddied up with students from Tyndale and were able to go to classes together to experience the Australian curriculum. Having buddies was a great way for the student to build friendships and many of the buddies from Tyndale also planned to travel to Korea for an exchange program so they would be able to see their new friends again soon.

The teachers and students also had the opportunity to visit many famous Australian Landmarks including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Blue Mountains and many other attractions.

The students had a lot of activities to get through during just a short time in Australia. They have been able to experience Australian culture, and gained new found appreciation and understandings from the Exchange Program that will help them to become better people in the future.






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